LCDA Latino Board Tracker

Welcome to our Latino Board Tracker! Currently, 75% of Fortune 1000 companies lack a single Latino director on their board. You can use this tracker to discover which companies do and don’t have Latino/as on their boards. You can search by the criteria shown below and then easily sort your results (ascending or descending) by clicking on the headers in the table below. We welcome input from companies and directors to update and keep our data current. Our methodology can be found here. Sorting may not work on mobile devices.

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We invite you to send us updates! Since companies are not required to report on the gender, racial, and ethnic composition of their boards, LCDA developed a methodology to track U.S. Latinos on corporate boards. We welcome input from companies or directors if their company should be listed differently or if we’ve missed a director. LCDA currently tracks Fortune 1000 companies and is working toward reporting on all public companies listed on the Russell 3000 index. Please send any updates or corrections to